Central Bark and The Beach Dog Café to open at new Timperley site

Last year, when we realized  that we had to close operations because  the issues with that location were just too much for us, it was a dark time and subsequently a long winter.  Our basic belief was that we had created something special and after such overwhelming support from you, our customers and the public in general, we decided that we wanted to try again and find a better location and build something that we would be able replicate elsewhere too and build a family of Central Barks.  To cut a very long story short and after months of negotiations, developments, lots of hard work and the general good will from so many people, we have secured a beautiful 20 acre site with miles of dog walks extensive car parking and so much more.  We are not open yet but we wanted you to know we will be opening as soon as possible and in the meantime  we’ll keep you updated but you can help us open sooner by joining our membership scheme.  If you want to see what we've been doing then please view our Gallery. https://centralbark.co.uk/pages/gallery