No everybody is welcome but by being a member you are helping us open sooner and to add additional things at the Café and the site.

Yes dogs are very welcome but we ask that they are kept on leads and under control, our trained dogs take turns to spend time with café customers too and they are not on leads and our day care team will bring some of our guests to the café to meet people too.

No we operate home boarding not kennels, that means that we have to have had experience with your dog and that will mean having spent time at Day care here and to do that, have gone through an assessment to ensure that your dog is happy being with us and the other dogs here.

You do need to book if you are planning to leave your dog i.e. 4 hourly play or day care and your dog will need to go through our trial or assessment too, so please don’t just turn up as we have to ensure we have space and that your dog also has the appropriate vaccinations which we’ll explain on the phone.

You can come to hourly play though as we’ll carry out the assessment and check vaccination certificates whilst you are here and if all goes well, then your dog can play with some pals whilst you enjoy the Café.

Yes members are welcome to come and use the facilities, park your car and walk your dog on site on a lead, much like any other park. Please remember the site is an active sports playing field so in addition to the many footpaths, we have football pitches that we ask that you walk around and not across and we have provided bins for responsible disposals!

BarkParks are new here but popular in the US, they are a fenced in area where you can bring your dog and let them run off their lead. You can join in with others using the same BarkPark or choose to rent one exclusively. You are responsible for your own dog whilst on site, we don’t supervise or provide any care or control, just the facility. If you check our schedule, there are specific times for certain breeds or you can hire one exclusively for example for a party or to meet with friends and their dogs.

Your membership will commence when the café opens generally to the public but before then, we will invite you to come to our launch activities and help us test the menus and trial the facilities before we open them to the general public. It will help us make sure we have everything right too.

When we tested the concept for Central Bark and The Beach Dog Café, we quickly discovered that we became a popular location for not only dog owners but also dog lovers or dog curious people. Meet’n’Greet is an opportunity for people who don’t have dogs to come and spend some supervised time with dogs. We found that it was very popular with people who can’t have a dog for example because they are not allowed in their accommodation at home, or that they had lost a dog but still want to share some time with dogs. Often we had young families who were not sure if they wanted to share their life with a dog or ‘homesick’ students who missed their family pet whilst they were here studying.

Whatever the reason, Meet’n’Greet delivered and probably generated almost as much interest as our rescues dogs.

When you come to the café you will meet some dogs who wear and ‘adopt me’ neckerchief. They have been rescued, often from Greece where they were left to roam and were relocated and cared for by a charity. We then help them to find homes.

Yes we have various training courses that will soon be featured on the website. They cover subjects from what do I need to know about sharing my life with a dog, to dog training or dog socialisation and everything in between.